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Commission Open!!! Full body!!
+ 50 points for full background
Price can change depend on the difficulties of the character.
I'll do my best .
Thank you.
Traditional Art Commission Open!!! Headshot!!
This is my first time opening an art commission . This is the price for the full color head shot. I also do lining, price can be discussed 
I know I'm not entirely good at it but I'll try. Please support me.
Traditional Art Commission Qpen! Half body!!
This is my first time opening a commission.
This is the price for the half body full color.
I only do traditional art that I'm sorry and also I know that i'm not entirely good but I'll try.

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          The (h/c) didn't notice she was holding in till she left the forsaken house , tears started to fall down her pink cheeks as she ran. To nowhere particular . Nowhere. 'At least it couldn't get any worse.' Or so she thought when the sky turn grey, droplets after droplets fell from the sky , hitting her damp face mercilessly. 
'How fun'
           The old phone rang throughout the house. It deafening noise waking a certain grumpy Brit. The blonde groggily got up from his bed and went for the phone, snatching it from its holder, not caring if he broke it on the way.
           " Ello..Alistor ? ...what do you want? I don't have time for your stupid ranting..(Name)? Yes, I understand. I'll be there in a heartbeat ." He suddenly felt awake when hearing her name. Apparently, the poor girl had decide to chunk down her sadness with alcohol. Not a very good decision.
           Arthur quickly dressed up, grabbing his car key then made a mad dash for his car. Not caring to change his shoes. Well, bunny slippers still and would be a new trend.
          "(Name), lass, ya gotta stop drinking."
          "Don't stop meh , Ali. Pour it up."
          "I'm an idiot. How could I be so dumb. He was cheating behind my back the entire time and yet..I didn't know. I mean there might be some clues that i could have picked up but no...I'm just too effing blind to see it." She slurred , sipping at her drink, then with a sudden movement, down the whole content. "I can't believe I felt for him"
          Arthur bursted through the door of his brother's bar. The smell of alcohol immediatly hit his nostril making him gringe. It was pretty late now so only a few customer remained. His eyes darted back and fort searching for the figure he knew all too well. and there she was, his beloved (Name).
          She was sitting on a stool near Alistor 's place, chunking down alcohol one after another. There were bottles around her and several glass on the table. Arthur also noticed that Alistor was having a hard time keeping the new vodka bottle out of her reach. Now, (Name) definitely not one for drinking as she was pretty bad holding her liquor. So she got drunk easily, that and she was an aggressive pirate like drunk.
           "Oi. Give me the bottle you brat."
            "No. (Name) . You're drunk"
           "You dare defied my order, lad." (Name) stood up grabbing Alistor 's tie on the way, pulling him down, making his head hit the table. Hard. Arthur had to admit that. One, the woman he loved was down right scary when she was drunk. And two, she looked god damn sexy when she act piracy. His face grew hot as the thought of her wearing a sexy pirate outfit with a whip in hand and....
            "Arthur , What are ya doin' standin' there." Alistor shouted signaling for Arthur to come help. And by help mean...knocking out (Name).
            'What? I'm not doing that.'
            'Ya hav' ta. Or else i'm done.'
            The two of them made eyes contact a little before Arthur sighed giving in to the situation. He quickly moved forward , in a flash he was behind (Name)'s back.
            "I'm sorry (Name)."
            "That was way too hard, lad." Alistor gave Arthur a glare, frowning as he carried the girl to his brother's car.
            "What choice do I have. Why didn't you stop her in the first place."Arthur grumbled as he opened the door.
            "I didn't know she would be this aggressive. Neva seen the lass drunk before." alistor whined
            "I'll drive her back."
            "My place, of course."
            "Don't do anything rash , brotha .Keep it PG."
            "Shut up. Who do you take me for?" "A perv gentleman." "Shut your trap."
            "Who are you?" (Name) fluttered her eyes open, looking at Arthur who was driving to his house. Full speed.
            "It's me, love."
            "Hey ya me."
            "You're still drunk , don't you?"
            "Well isn't it Flying mint bunny. How's going?"
            "Love, lay down" "Nope" "I said lay down you sea rat." Arthur faked yelled.
            "Aye, sir."
            The Brit sighed for the second time tonight, who would have thought she could become like this. He looked at her sleeping form through his mirror letting out a smile.
             "......Glad to see you again Cipher....." (Name) mumbled and smiled to which the Brit chuckled.
             "For a girl, you sure is heavy,love." Arthur said as he kicked the door to his room all the while carrying the sleeping girl. He gently laid her down his fluffy bed. (Name) stirred gently in her sleep making Arthur froze , afraid he might have waken her up. After fully covered her with his union jack blanket, Arthur stood up ready to head out_thinking he might have to sleep on the couch tonight since his guest bedroom was yet being cleaned up after Francis visit when (Name) took a hold of his shirt and yanked, making him stumbled backward.
              "Please stay." She said, her voice croaked,tears once again brimming at her eyes.
               Arthur hesitantly obliged,he gently sit down on the bed next to her
               "You know you look even cuter when you sleep." He leaned dangerously close to her face. His hot breath hitting her face. BIG MISTAKE.
               "YOU STUPID, SENSELESS, BACK STABBING SON OF A TOMATO BASTARD."  (Name) Sent a punch at Arthur. Her steel fist collide with his face_hard, the poor man could only let out a small string of curse, using his hand to cover the place where (Name)'s fist just landed, as blood gushed out from his nose.
               "Damn. That's one hell of a fist." 
EnglandxReader: New Start chap 2
Finally , done with chapter two. Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) 
Hope you guys enjoy it.
Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaze
Image belongs to 
Pixiv ID: 18507622
Story plot belongs to me.
Next: In two weeks

      Ring    Ring   Ring

       "Shut up clock. I need to sleep here."

     Ring Ring Ring

       " I said shut up." You tossed and turn on the bed, attempted to use the pillow to block out the sound to no avail.

       Ring Ring Ring

       " Fine you want the hard way.I'll give you the hard way." (Name) sat up, grabbing her gun on the nightstand in the process, then gave Mr.Clock a nice 0.47 inch bullet. But strange thing was, the sound . It didn't stop. (Name) sighed looking around , searching for her phone. Still groggily, she flipped it opened and immediately greeted with a 3D image of her co_worker. She scowled.
        "What is the meaning of this? do you know what time is it Karma?"
        "Geez...(Name) chan. Relax."
        "Spill it Akabane or I'll bring my riffle tomorrow."
        "You wouldn't"
        " It's a 22 Hornet."
        "Alright chill. Just chill."
        "Boss asked us to meet him at this building tomorrow night. It's the info for our new mission." An address was sent to her phone. 
        "And you can't wait to tell me this next morning because..."
        "I'm skipping class (Name) chan"
        "Damn it Karma. I'm not helping you this time."
        "Pretty please."
         "The riffle."
        "Good night." With that being said , (Name) ended her conversation. She looked at her phone. It was already 3 in the morning. "Guess I'm not sleeping now,am I?"

~Time skip~
         "Omg. (Name) what happened? You look like a freaking panda, girl." Fiona pinched (Name) ' cheeks with a scowl.
         "Can't sleep" She replied not bothering swatting the other girl hands away.
         "Did you.."
         "What? you didn't even let me finish it."
         "I know too well what's the question gonna be."
         "And that's..."
         "Did I lose my V_card? No"
         "Aww...that's my girl."
         "Don't temp me." (Name) glared. She was tired enough with dealing with Karma's problem. Apparently, the vice student council decided to skip class because he had a date with his *cough* boyfriend*cough* Nagisa . That lead to (Name) had to do his job also.
         "Ohoho Pals before gals my arse." (Name) laughed sarcastically, unknowing the worried eyes of her friend."Anyway, have to run for History class,catch ya later." She smiled at Fiona then ran off.
         "Sigh...Wonder when she'll open her heart to me."
~Time skip~
          (Name) stepped into her classroom, breathless. 'Really should have thought twice about running.' she looked up only to meet with forest green eyes staring down at her. Well, She noticed that eyebrows everywhere.
         "Good morning Mr.Kirkland.I see it's your turn now."
         "Good morning to you too love. I mean (Name). No actually, it's four days till it's my turn but the frog it's not feeling well today."
         "I wonder why ?"
         "Food poisoning."
         "Yeah and this time it's not my fault."
          "So you're saying that most of the time that it was you who cause food poisoning with .... Let me guess? British scone?"
         "That's very funny, (Name). Bonnefoy taught you that did he not? "
          "Nope. Let's just say that I have the honor of seeing the thing and manage to safe my friend from the bully with it?"
         "Throwing at them" 
         "She throw, the scone went flying, everyone held their breath, so intense ...and it hit...bull-eyes..the crowd gone wild ah...." (Name) said waving her hands dramatically while Arthur just staring in annoyance.
         "Really love." "Yep" "How did you get your hands on one of those?" "Fiona Hillson? She's in your class?" " Now that you mention it...That's really hurt me love." "Not as much as when you call me love." (Name) smirked then slowly made her way to the table leaving a dumbfound Brit and dozens of surprised female students.
~Another Time skip~
         "Alright class, settle down, now, let's start today lesson , shall we?" Mr. Kirkland calmly said then turn to write on the board "England_A powerfull industrial country."
          "Aww but Mr.Kirkland , I was hoping you would teach us something interest today.."(Name) whined. "Like what , love?"
           "Oh, do you mind telling us about that time when Britain hand their ass to America?" Arthur glared. Said girl only chuckle.
            Her statement earned a few snickers of the students. They started to whisper. Everyone seemed to find the idea quite....interesting.
            "You mean the American revolution?" Arthur forced a smile "Yep. Let's hear it from another perspective of the story." (Name) smile, kicking her legs on the table. She knew just the thing to piss the teacher off. It wasn't like she hate him. NO.She just found him funny to mess with.
           "Tell us tell us tell us" And soon the whole classroom started to chant. (Name) could see Arthur tick mark became vivid every second causing her smirk to grow wider. She silently count down in her head to when "the bomb" would go off.'And in 3..2..1'
            "Alright alright. I'll tell you guys. (Name) put your legs down. It's not right for a lady to do such a thing. It's improper."
            "You act like my mom. Beside, I'm not a lady." "You're a girl, still. Put them down." Arthur blushed from both anger and embarrassment . Apparently, (Name) 's skirt lift giving the Brit a nice glimpse of her thighs.
            "You know..I 'm not sure if I'm in to boys . So the legs stay, mister."


Hetaliaxreader: I'm just an ordinary girl chap 5
Here you go.
Seem like reader chan true identity about to be revealed. Austria emote 

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya HidekazHetalia Spinning Italy Pasta Icon Ve~ 
Story plot belongs to me.Proud Rainbow Dash 


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