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Commission Open!!! Full body!!
+ 50 points for full background
Price can change depend on the difficulties of the character.
I'll do my best .
Thank you.
Traditional Art Commission Open!!! Headshot!!
This is my first time opening an art commission . This is the price for the full color head shot. I also do lining, price can be discussed 
I know I'm not entirely good at it but I'll try. Please support me.
Traditional Art Commission Qpen! Half body!!
This is my first time opening a commission.
This is the price for the half body full color.
I only do traditional art that I'm sorry and also I know that i'm not entirely good but I'll try.

Newest Deviations

The red string by SophieLee2000 The red string :iconsophielee2000:SophieLee2000 2 0 Washi test by SophieLee2000 Washi test :iconsophielee2000:SophieLee2000 7 2 The Nordics 's Queen by SophieLee2000 The Nordics 's Queen :iconsophielee2000:SophieLee2000 16 2 Happy birthday Viet nee by SophieLee2000 Happy birthday Viet nee :iconsophielee2000:SophieLee2000 8 2
EnglandxReader: New Start chap 2
          The (h/c) didn't notice she was holding in till she left the forsaken house , tears started to fall down her pink cheeks as she ran. To nowhere particular . Nowhere. 'At least it couldn't get any worse.' Or so she thought when the sky turn grey, droplets after droplets fell from the sky , hitting her damp face mercilessly. 
'How fun'
           The old phone rang throughout the house. It deafening noise waking a certain grumpy Brit. The blonde groggily got up from his bed and went for the phone, snatching it from its holder, not caring if he broke it on the way.
           " Ello..Alistor ? ...what do you want? I don't have time for your stupid ranting..(Name)? Yes, I understand. I'll be there in a heartbeat ." He suddenly felt awake when hearing her name. Apparently, the poor girl had decide to chunk down her sadness with alcohol. Not a very good decision.
:iconsophielee2000:SophieLee2000 10 9
Hetaliaxreader: I'm just an ordinary girl chap 5
      Ring    Ring   Ring
       "Shut up clock. I need to sleep here."
     Ring Ring Ring
       " I said shut up." You tossed and turn on the bed, attempted to use the pillow to block out the sound to no avail.
       Ring Ring Ring
       " Fine you want the hard way.I'll give you the hard way." (Name) sat up, grabbing her gun on the nightstand in the process, then gave Mr.Clock a nice 0.47 inch bullet. But strange thing was, the sound . It didn't stop. (Name) sighed looking around , searching for her phone. Still groggily, she flipped it opened and immediately greeted with a 3D image of her co_worker. She scowled.
        "What is the meaning of this? do you know what time is it Karma?"
        "Geez...(Name) chan. Relax."
:iconsophielee2000:SophieLee2000 7 4
[COM] Kemikeni's OC by SophieLee2000 [COM] Kemikeni's OC :iconsophielee2000:SophieLee2000 4 2
England x reader: New Start chap1
“I was too late Al. She ‘s with Antonio now.”
~Time ski[ brought to you by FMB dancing with Arthur underwear on his head~
“Antonio! I brought you tomatoes.” (Name) called out into the dark hall of her lover’s house. Her voice echo for a long time but yet no response.
(Name) and Antonio had been together for a year now. Today is their anniversary so she wanted to surprise him. She loved him, she trusted him with all her heart and she knew he did too. Or so she thought..
Feeling worried (Name) stepped into the house only to fell face first when her feet made contact with something hard. No it was not the wooden floor board but foot wear. (Name) turn around to look at the victim for her graceful fall , her eyes widen in both shock and horror. Standing there in its all glory was a pair of scarlet high heels. (Name) can feel her whole body shook uncontrollably, she stood up to almost fell right back cause off her lanky legs.
:iconsophielee2000:SophieLee2000 11 15
The dragon_His Rage by SophieLee2000 The dragon_His Rage :iconsophielee2000:SophieLee2000 25 2 Trust by SophieLee2000 Trust :iconsophielee2000:SophieLee2000 71 10
England X Reader : New Start Prologue
          "This time . I'll tell her for sure."
          "You said that the last time too Iggy.'
          "Shut up bastard. I did not."
          "Did too. Turn out I'm much more of a man than you are." With that being said, Alfred sped out of the room, leaving a flustered, yelling Brit.
           After he had calm down, Arthur picked up his cell phone, ready to dialed a certain number when his telephone rang. he sighed then pick it up.
           "Why...hello there Arthur. How's your day going so far?" 
           It was ___ . Arthur could feel his heart soared when he heard _____'s voice.
          "I've been fine, love. And you?"
          "Never been better. Tell you what. Something wonderful just happened to me. Can you guess?"
:iconsophielee2000:SophieLee2000 21 3
Don't f*** with me! by SophieLee2000 Don't f*** with me! :iconsophielee2000:SophieLee2000 2 0 [Nyotalia] Norway by SophieLee2000 [Nyotalia] Norway :iconsophielee2000:SophieLee2000 31 0
Emperor!Japan x Reader: So you're the emperor
       The sound of opening and closing the door could easily be heard by all the people in the room. But it went unnoticed by a certain young male who was too busy admiring the cherry blossom. It was the beginning of spring, the time when the blossom was in it  most glorious pink. He was sitting by the wooden stair leading down to the garden as the morning sunlight shone brightly , making his black raven hair shimmered . He was wearing a green kimono made of the finest silk, in the hand of the most talented tailor in the country. In his lap laid a little dog, Pochi as the male called it. The one who just entered the room cough to let the raven hair know his present. The young man signaled for everyone to go , leaving him and said person.
       " Your majesty, Everything is ready"    
       " Good, I'll be joining you soon" said the emperor.
       "Your majesty, I don't
:iconsophielee2000:SophieLee2000 103 22
[CE]: Who are you lookin' at by SophieLee2000 [CE]: Who are you lookin' at :iconsophielee2000:SophieLee2000 5 5 The Cop and The Rebel by SophieLee2000 The Cop and The Rebel :iconsophielee2000:SophieLee2000 3 5


Mordred by kawacy Mordred :iconkawacy:kawacy 5,084 89
Cafe Talks {Norway x Reader}
~English words underlined indicate that the character is talking in Norwegian~
Moving to Norway was a huge step for (Name), having just graduated from college back in (home country). Her parents were a bit reluctant to let her move there, especially considering that (Name) didn’t know how speak Norwegian. Their reluctance began when she had gotten a great job offer back home and her employers offered her a position in Norway.
At first, (Name) was skeptical about moving to a different country, knowing next to nothing about it. Yet after some careful consideration and research, something about the fjord-filled country became enchanting to her, calling for her, almost, which prompted her to make the bold declaration one day, “I’m moving to Norway!”
Now, having actually moved there, (Name) was beginning to regret her sudden decision. She had stood outside Oslo Airport in confusion, having thought the airport was in Oslo.
:iconjessicac924:JessicaC924 77 28
Dragon!Denmark x Reader ~The Dragonsight~ 42
~Chapter 42~
Beyond the light veil of mostly undisturbed snow and dead leaves, a thin line jiggled its way through the white sheet like a worm burrowing horizontally through the surface. You were doing your best to keep up despite recovering but a few hours ago, now trudging after your guide in a similar manner as an elk drunk on fermented fruit. Your stability had improved since then, but you were still struggling to keep yourself in a straight line to minimize traveling distance.
At the same time, some of the questions that had otherwise lay dormant in your shaken mind finally came to fruition, most being about the fate of your traveling companions, though there were others revolved around the ordeals and adventures Allistor and Arthur must have had. They must have been hundreds of years old, and that was plenty of time to get a sense of their surroundings and view of the world. You wondered how you might go about your life if you had the immortality of a dragon. Would you go explori
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 36 23
Onegin by ConstantineLe Onegin :iconconstantinele:ConstantineLe 9 5
England x Reader: Stupid For You
“What the bloody hell are you doing?! Get down from there!”
“Why don’t you get up here and make me?” You laughed down at him.
“Don’t think I won’t!” Arthur shouted, clenching his fists. The city officials were nowhere in sight, and he knew that the only way you were going to come down was if he climbed up and fetched you. But of all the ridiculously stupid tourist things to do, why climb on the lions in Trafalgar Square?!
He huffed and shrugged out of his coat, hanging it on the railing and ducking under, quickly scrambling up to where you were. You squealed and climbed even higher, mounting the lion’s back. He managed to snag a fistful of your trouser leg and held you fast, “Come down immediately!”
“No way!” You attempted to free yourself, but he only tightened his grip on the jeans. When he reached up and grabbed your belt in an attempt to drag you back down, you suddenly shrieked in surprise a
:iconkatiejobagles:katiejobagles 121 25
The Son of the Sea - Dragon!Iceland x Reader
~ The Overture ~
. . .
"Mm . . ."
. . .
A soft murmur pierced the clockwork rumble of the carriage's wheels treading over the rocky path. The weary traveler stirred in his sleep, craning his neck to lean on the walls of the lush, velvet lined carriage. So accustomed was this traveler used to the periodic jolts and jumps of the thin wooden wheels as it rolled over stones and pebbles, shards of steel and whatnots. It was no surprise that this creature was able to sleep soundly even throughout any peace or chaos.
. . .
"Nngh . . ."
. . .
The traveler stirred again; agitated by the absence of the rocky path's playful shoves as the carriage rolled onto smooth ground. How long has it been since this creature has stepped foot outside of this luxurious centaur-driven carriage? No one was quite sure for this creature has been commuting from one city to the next for quite some time. Not once did this traveler stop to take in the sights or receive some proper sleep at a nearby inn or
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 49 25
The Princess and the Pea (2P!Russia x Reader)
Once upon a time there was a cold hearted king who was lonely. After years of being cooped in his huge palace he decided he wanted to find a princess to spend the rest of his days with. He started his search; however, because he was a frightening man with a reputation, many of the young maidens of the kingdoms were terrified to accept any of his invitations. He had his three servants go out find someone but his eldest sister insisted that the maiden she would have to be a real princess.
“Why does it matter?” said Ivan looking at her
“Because nothing else is good enough for you and I won’t have some commoner in this palace,”
“Yekaterina be nice!” said Natayla, “Why does it have to be a princess! Why can’t we just find someone who loves big brother for him?!”
“Because having non royalty poses a problem, especially when it comes to making deals and kingdom relations. Another royal family brings in more allies just in
:iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 82 23
Tea Duel (1P!Hetalia xReadersx 2P!Hetalia) Preview
It happened every year or whenever the countries decided to visit their counterparts. Some say it was too often, some said it wasn’t enough. But there were warning signs that it was coming. Mysterious portals opening, new people popping up, and of course when Lukas disappeared and reappeared in random places. Arthur Kirkland woke up in bed. On his nightstand was a flowery pink and blue envelope. He cringed at it but accepted his fate. He knew that if he got his, everyone got theirs. He just wished the worlds didn’t emerge like it did. It always made him have to fix things around his place as usual. He got dressed and opened his envelope.
‘Hello Arthur!
I can’t believe it’s been so long since your last visit!
Come downstairs! Breakfast should be ready! I made
Mumsy’s famous English breakfast with scones! See
You soon!

He sighed before heading downstairs. He opened the door and found that he was a familiar house with pink ov
:iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 27 21
hetalia by p-n-y hetalia :iconp-n-y:p-n-y 6,504 721
Twist- SwitzerlandxReader
"{Name}… You… How could you do this to me...?" Switzerland's sharp mint green eyes were dulled and downcast, his eyebrows furrowed in what seemed like concentration, or a tight lidded rage. His hands shook minutely, something your averted eyes did not catch.
You pushed yourself further into the worn-out love-seat, desperately trying to hide from his view. You hugged yourself as surprised tears began to well up and the guilt deep inside you makes it harder for you to breathe, "S-Switzerland... Y-You know I never meant to-"
"Never meant to do it?" Switzerland's glaringly blank eyes gaze into yours. You somehow held your heavy breathing in, slowly opening your mouth to argue back your innocence, but Switzerland cuts you off, "You never meant to do it, did you, {Name}?" His mouth twisted into a dark frown, "You never think, do you?"
You sighed tiredly into your hands, vaguely noticing that they were shaking, "Switzerland…" you cried, pleading with him to listen to what
:iconixmay:Ixmay 257 198
Living together (part 5) Norway x reader
 (Y/N) opened the door to the apartment carefully and peeked inside to make sure Lukas wasn't around. The small kitten that she had stuffed into her jacket started meowing loudly and wiggling around. (Y/N) grinned softly as she closed the door carefully and unzipped her coat to free the little animal. She had found the kitten in a box outside the supermarket, the poor thing had been abandoned and the forecast had said it was going to rain today... and she couldn't have just left the little thing to die of hypothermia...
       "You're so adorable." (Y/N) cooed as she rubbed the kitten's ears and snuggled it close to her chest. The cat started purring slightly and (Y/N) couldn't help but quickly snap a picture of the adorable little cutie pie so that she could send it to Emil.
       After a few seconds her phone buzzed and the screen lit up. Emil had texted back.
      --- Cute cat but what about Lukas?----
:icongreengoldblue:greengoldblue 14 0
shattered | tsukishima kei
shattered | tsukishima kei x reader [ soulmate au ]
    -> Story inspiration.
[  t h e  t i m e r  c a n  b r e a k .]
The seconds pass by ever so slowly, ticking softly in the quiet solace of the rooftop. 
    It's only minutes away before you meet him, the soulmate you're fated to spend the rest of your life with.
    You wonder if you would like him, whoever he was. Hope unfurls in your chest as warmth envelops you.
    But then it freezes and it breaks. It crashes and it stops. 
    Your heart turns into stone and your breath comes out in shocked gasps.
    It's a cruel sort of luck that you'll never ever meet the one that you've been waiting for so long.
    "I'm sorry," they say. "I didn't me
:iconlunarosej:lunarosej 219 25
. oh shit | Tsukishima Kei
 [8:42 pm]
From: AnnoyingBae
To: Tsukki~
[8:43 pm]
From: Tsukki~
To: AnnoyingBae

[Name], first, don’t call me Tsukki
Second, what do you want?
Isn’t it past your bed time?
[8:43 pm]
From: AnnoyingBae
To: Tsukki~

You’re so rude
I just wanted to congratulate my boyfriend for stopping that ushiwaka guy
I hate you T^T
[8:44 pm]
From: Tsukki~
To: AnnoyingBae

Stop overreacting, you idiot
And we both know you don’t hate me
I remember you saying you love me just before we started playing the match against Shiratorizawa
[8:45 pm]
From: AnnoyingBae
To: Tsukki~

Ehehe (- //////-)
You heard that…?
[8:45 pm]
From: Tsukki~
To: AnnoyingBae

I’m certain the whole team did
You’re such a lovesick fool, [Name]
[8:45 pm]
From: AnnoyingBae
To: Tsukki~

… so it’s wrong of me to tell my boyfriend that I love him??
Is that what you’re try
:iconangelicinferno:AngelicInferno 218 48
Francis' Adventure (2P!France x Child!Reader)
Francis has been looking through stores everyday for the last few weeks looking for Christmas gift. Well one in particular. It was something that was wanted by collectors and fans alike, pokemon merchandise. He really couldn't understand the lure or the want for this shit but apparently it was so big that everyone and their mothers wanted something from the games. He found things for Alfred and Mathieu, that was the easiest part, no he had to get something extra special for his adoptive little girl _______________. He hated to admit but the kid grew on him, even without Mathieu being around. She reminded him a lot about how things were when he grew up, Gaul was always on business so he stayed with other families who treated him as such. He had the best of the Kirklands and Karpusi Families that Gaul not being around all the time wasn’t much of a blow. He learned a lot from both but he did get his sleaziness from his father and he still didn’t think it was a bad thing. In __
:iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 62 8
christmas shopping. | tsukishima kei
christmas shopping. | tsukishima kei x gn!reader
☆ college!au of sorts
Tsukishima can list about a million other things he'd rather do right now, and he really can. Because anything would be better than having to go Christmas shopping Bokuto and Kuroo.
Tsukishima just wants to stay nested in the warmth of their shared apartment, but his annoying roommates wouldn't let him have that because they wanted to go to the mall; Kuroo because he is a sucker for sales and bargains, and Bokuto because he likes buying useless trinkets in the gift shop at the mall.
The blond lets out a long suffering sigh.
"You don't need to buy new one, we still have the ones from last year and it's practically the same," Tsukishima complains when Bokuto points to silver-blue Christmas ornaments on display as they walk pass a shop.
"But, dude, it's different! This one's glittery! Glittery balls!" Bokuto says loudly, capturing the attention of a few shoppers near them. They send the boys angry l
:iconabsolute-emperor:Absolute-Emperor 273 69




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Hello everyone!
My name is Sophie Lee but you can call me SoSo too.I' m a hot head writer and a crazy artist. Plus , I'm also a lazy one so you see there's nothing much in my gallery. Hehe . Anyway you can follow me on Instagram : pencil_girl_2000.
If you have time please check out my Hetalia fanpage on Faacebook…
So anyway enjoy your time here and don't forget to click the like button if you see anything suit your taste.Beside don't be afraid to click the watch button for I love making new friends . ( I don't bite unless you want me too * le grin deviously*)

APH: I love Norway Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Iceland Stamp by Chibikaede


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